Pfizer Share Properties Video

Pfizer is a world wide company that attends trade shows all around the world. They have a number of exhibit properties and wanted to utilize them efficiently through out their organization. This video took a complicated subject and simplified it in a charming, simple video.

Art Direction  ·  Motion Graphics  ·  Video Editing
Instructional Video

The objective was for the viewer to feel that using Pfizer’s vast exhibit properties was easy so we chose a very simple color palate.

All the 3D visuals were lite to look like models. The crisp white models contrasted very well against the tranquil blue background. These visuals were coupled with a calm and reassuring voice-over.

We added some fun with quick and intricate motion graphics. Every component in each booth design would fall into place and would lightly transform as the exhibit design would modify itself to show how the Pfizer properties can be customized to be used in a different configurations. The result was a fun video to watch.


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