It’s like MAGIC



Magic Motion Graphics

Director/Editor Gabriel Alva
Tools Nikon A800, After Effects and Illustrator

This was a promotional video for a tradeshow called Magic. We wanted to show all the great services GES can provide Magic, it’s exhibitors and attendees.

The first portion of this video was created by another designer but needed some animation to wrap it up. This animation was synced to a narrator’s voice, that was already recorded, explaining the numerous booth accessories GES offers to exhibitors at different convention facilities. I designed building icons representing the facilities and animated a chart explaining what the narrator was saying.

For the second half of the video I collaborated with my team and came up with a concept about an exhibitor using a fictional holographic tool offered by GES. While the narrator talks about the tools and services GES offers our exhibitor would access those features in the holographic tool.

I shot and directed an actor in an empty office and used blue LED lights to cast color on the subject to mimic the light from the holographic interface that I super impose in post. I designed and animated the entire interface.

I first shot the desk without the actor. Then I shot the scene again with the actor and a green screen so I could come back in post to add the interface and animations. I storyboarded the entire scene before shooting so I knew how to direct the actor to click on imaginary buttons that would be added in later.

The concept was straight forward so I was able to shoot it all quickly in a couple hours one afternoon. The effect was also simple but very convincing once it was all edited together.


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