Gabriel Alva


I still remember the first time I realized I love to create!.

I was maybe 3 or 4 and I was consumed by Disney cartoons! The old classic golden age of animation.  My father had just got us cable and I was mesmerized by Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck. I’d watch as long as my mom would let me and when I was not watching I remember drawing Donald Duck from memory. The flash backs can be very vivid and always make me happy. From then on I was always creating. Drawing all the time. Comic book characters, ninja turtles, movie monsters, how the special effects would work in a movie, robots and how they worked. I was real nerd and I still am.


In the late 90s I began typesetting and learning graphic design at a mid size print shop called Logan Graphics. In my years there I learned the printing process, how to build marketing material and was introduced to the Adobe Suite with PageMaker, Photoshop and Illustrator. From business cards to highway billboards. You name it I was able to create it.

At the end of the 90s and early 2000s I joined where I got to exercise my creative muscles working with a small team of developers. We came up with several next level concepts tool for recruiters and users that were ahead of it’s time. Video interviews, virtual resumes and virtual networking. I learned to use Dreamweaver to layout webpages and Flash to create animation shorts with simple character animations.

Following my short stay at I joined an small creative agency in early 2001. At this agency I served as a creative to design logos, websites and collaborate with other creatives to come up with marketing campaigns. But after 911 the office had to close.

Then in early 2002 I joined Exhibitgroup/Giltspur now known as GES. I came onboard as a Graphic Designer but quickly moved up to a Senior Graphic Designer after I proved I could do so much more than tradeshow graphics. I started creating custom interactive RFP presentations for GES in Flash and immersive web content for clients. Now I’m doing a number of things from designing tradeshow touchscreen interactives like client product libraries and show wayfinders. I concept, shoot, direct and edit video. I also work on large high tech interactive experiences that utilize holograms, multi-touchscreen interactives, AR and VR technologies as well.



Imaginative Storytelling
Let’s go and explore the intriguing mystery. Have a blast enjoying the bright and bombastic spectacle. Slow down and meditate on the emotional core. Whether the journey is brief or an epic expedition lets make sure to make it memorable.


Collaborative Designer
Allow me to be the catalyst that will help ignite the light that will make our project shine. I really enjoy experimenting on concepts with a team. Many times large projects require me to join forces with other experts or developers and collaborating together is something I enjoy.

Creative Resolve
I’ve worked on many projects with numerous moving pieces, daughting deadlines and unexpected challenges. They were all tough but it’s important not to let those obstacles affect the team or the project. With a well planned strategy and clear objective I am always resolved to delivering a creative solution.



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